FAQ’s – Mold Inspections


Since mold is often hidden, it is important to determine the source of the mold. What you could be looking at is only small area of mold, but it could be lot worse because most of it might be concealed. And remember, mold may present as a HEALTH HAZARD

Thermal imaging is the use of an infrared camera that is a fast, non-invasive method to discover moisture intrusion and condensation problems within a building. We can identify materials with moisture problems even when hidden. It allows us to see what the naked eye cannot. Since most indoor moisture problems will result in mold, it is important to detect and remove the source of moisture in a building

Indoor Air Quality Testing will identify what you are breathing in your home. It could be hidden toxic mold that is causing you health problems. Our air quality testing will also let you know if there are other fungal and bacterial issues that you need to be concerned about.

Yes, we can take air samples to analyze to see if elevated levels of mold remain in the air. This will normally flag improperly completed mold clean – up work. If the area remediated is accessible, we can also inspect it

Yes, you will receive a detailed and easy to understand report that outlines the results of the visual observations, testing information, diagnostic data and recommendations. Our turn-around time is quick.

The results of your mold inspection or testing are 100% confidential. We do not release your report or any information about your building to anyone without your written approval

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