Swetha International

is specialised in providing manpower and solutions to general and specific technical services. Established for over 15 years, Swetha International has developed a reputable client base. With its innovative and dedicated approach Swetha International has always been successful in searching for the most suitable person for the job.

Swetha International Pty Ltd has been established in 1998. The company was founded by Mr. Praveen Challa, who is the Managing Director. Mr Challa is a qualified engineer who has worked for government authorities and private companies in many capacities. He has undertaken several business courses over time, specializing in project management and costing. His astute business acumen has been pivotal in leading this company to the high ranking, it now enjoys.

Since 1998 we began by providing Rail Safe Working Staff to a number of firms and government authorities for construction & maintenance activities to the NSW Rail Network. We play a major role in ensuring that the rail industry completes essential works and projects efficiently and on time. Over the years our status and significance in the rail industry has increased remarkably and now we are a key member of Supplier Panels.

Swetha International has become a manpower and solutions provider of various technical and non technical services. We provide various other services of engineering expertise to cater to both short term and long term demands in technical as well as administrative areas.

The company has built a proud reputation and a track record of meeting clients demands efficiently. It has proven record of finding the most suitable person for the job. We are one of the leading providers of Railway safe working staff to Rail Industry.

The company is continually evolving and enlarging Recruitment as a major business operation using innovative and efficient methods to search, train, recruit and retain the right staff. Swetha International will continue to improve on this particular facet in order to meet any kind of challenge arising in the future.

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Technical Services

We operate under an approved quality management system. This pays particular attention to safety, quality and the environment. We developed numerous binding policies to ensure workplace safety and best work practices.

  • Railway safe working staff
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical

Administrative Services

  • Clerical
  • Financial
  • Computer Programming

Swetha International has the ability to design solutions and deliver service to meet the client’s objectives by utilizing a wide range of recruiting measures.

Effective Recruitment Measures

  • Inter-agency outsourcing
  • Preferred supplier
  • Major advertisement drives
  • National and international searches
  • Monitoring Industry related redundant staff
  • Utilisation of all media outlets.

Swetha International is confident of its future. We currently have a staff base of over 200 employees. Of the 200 staff a considerable number continue to be with us since our inception, bearing a testimony to our efficient staff retention policies. We have the capacity and ability to manage more candidates and offer increased services to our clients. The company will constantly explore further avenues where new career opportunities may open and be available for people. We stay tuned to be

  • Positive
  • Active
  • Innovative

through the challenges of the future dynamic employment market where the current longstanding jobs may disappear over time and new exciting ones will emerge and takeover. Our challenge, as a recruitment company is, to be at the forefront in providing recruitment services to satisfy both the clients and candidates.